In appreciation of becoming a citizen in the glorious Obamanation tomorrow, I humbly submit the “Obamartini”

  • Whole milk
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Kaluha
  • Vodka
  • Small napkin over the side of the glass; ignited (optional)

Support the past!

I wanted to highlight to my 5 readers the new website Old Timey News. It’s a historical podcast using real news from 100 years ago. You can subscribe via the iTunes Store (search for “Old Timey News”) or via feedburner As the Announcer says, HUZZAH!

A well-supported, “behind the teeth” shout out

Here’s to my buddy, Christian Van Horn, in Chicago for the Lyric’s Pearl Fishers this month. His blog is called, “CVH On the road”. He mentioned recently he had to be dressed and ready for rehearsal by 10:30a. I post this for your listening pleasure. Shine on you crazy bass-bartione diamond:

YouTube – Banned Porky Pig Blooper

I think you will catch you off guard sufficiently for the day:

YouTube – Banned Porky Pig Blooper: “”

Fun with Jars

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – Quick, easy, temporary, and beautiful LED garden lights: “”

(Via Evil Mad Scientist.)

IVES: Vol. 2

IVES, C.: Songs, Vol. 2

Four songs this time, including my favorite, “The Greatest Man.” Available from Amazon on July 29th, downloadable now from classicsonline

Collect all six!

I know, you’re thinking, “Charles Ives isn’t popular anymore.” No, you won’t see him on TMZ flashing paparazzi, but if he did have an altercation with reporters, it would be with a rolled up insurance policy up against their heads, delivered with a good side helping of New England self-righteousness.

Now I need to find the butcher and candlestick maker.

компютриStolen ‘Baker Man’ returns, unharmed

Thanks to Google Alerts, I now know I must vacation in Bristol, RI, sometime soon. Can you believe his wife’s name is Mrs. Cavalieri, just like mine??!!

Stay Sharp! Nourish Your FileMaker Pro Skills with the Right Development Diet

Stay Sharp! Nourish Your FileMaker Pro Skills with the Right Development Diet

A little specific regarding FileMaker, but overall a concise, quick read about the big picture and when to either repaint it or just hang it in a new frame. Maybe I’ll need to know this someday…

Taxes versus spending: Something to think about

Deroy Murdock on Friedman Day on National Review Online: “”

Taxes are one thing, spending is another. I think an interesting trend is how spending immediatley climbed after Clinton was elected in ’92, but then dropped when Bush was elected in ’00. However, Bush and the Congress could not resist “thanking” voters by spending more immediately between ’04 and ’05. I know inflation, the global markets, etc. have something to do with this, but nonetheless, very interesting to the average taxpayer. I’ll have more insight when I finish reading Thomas Sowell.

Your help desk career: Dead end or launching pad?

Your help desk career: Dead end or launching pad?:

I cannot agree enough with this article. I reflect on my help desk career and recognize that the skills and paychecks I acquired were useful to me. It was the right tool at the right time. However, it is true no one should stay in a help desk job OR long-term help desk management either. They outline the main points, but let me add the following:


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