Your help desk career: Dead end or launching pad?

Your help desk career: Dead end or launching pad?:

I cannot agree enough with this article. I reflect on my help desk career and recognize that the skills and paychecks I acquired were useful to me. It was the right tool at the right time. However, it is true no one should stay in a help desk job OR long-term help desk management either. They outline the main points, but let me add the following:

    Familiarity breeds contempt
    Either users will start to take advantage of you, or you will become hostile not only to the users, but the environment itself.
    Management sees you as expendable
    At my last job, no one was ever promoted from the desktop support group and no new jobs were created around the existing talents of the help desk pool. Not one. If they needed a scapegoat, they usually found one in our pen.
    Jack of all trades, master of none
    What always was scratching at the back of my mind was no aspect of the job saw REAL completion. Sure, you would fix someone’s problem, but that wasn’t really completion since they were bound to have another problem. You came in handy when a quick fix was needed, but you never had a chance to really mentor with someone technical, like server admins or developers. Projects never included help desk on the planning side, even though we were the one’s who interacted with the final build and (more importantly) supported the users who the solution was designed for.

Well, makes little difference since I’m not doing that work anymore.

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