Martha’s birthday today!

martha.jpgMy beautiful, loving, funny, best friend celebrated her birthday today (Monday, 2/25). I swear she has become more attractive , clever, witty, and interesting each year we’re together. To point (after the break):

Attractive – Seriously, have you seen my wife? You would never guess she has 2 kids, one who is only 4 months. Her eyes are huge and bright, always. If you have been the recipient of her smile, you know what I mean. I won’t go into the rest of her, this is a family-friendly site. (Paul, I know your feelings already. No reason to leave them in the comments.)

Clever – She creates the most amazing things on our house. New recipes, games for the kids, gifts for others…she doesn’t stop. I have to actually take stock of what things are new in the house when I come home. If its not a letter game with Scotch tape on the refrigerator, its a birthday card with colored footprints of Pete and Paul AND a whole bunch of delicious on the stove.

Witty – As you may know, I’m funny. I mean, you can call me a lot of things, bad or good, but you have to give me my humor. I laugh at a lot of things, but few people make me really laugh at not just the joke, but the manner in which it is conceived (Jonathan Taylor, for example) Martha has gotten so quick and sharp in the years we’ve been together, her capacity for really making me laugh is outstanding. She’ll pull me aside at some family or social function, make a remark, and just keep gliding forward, leaving me to pick up he pieces of my laughing.

Interesting – Now look, I am not saying she was ever boring (I wouldn’t of married her if that was the case.) Even though we have been married for over 6 years (together over 11), she continues to evolve spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. If you were privy to her daily thoughts on Bible history, child-rearing, and elections, you would could NOT be interested in engaging her more.

So, if your reading this and you know what a awesome lady my wife is, email her: martha{at}

One Response to “Martha’s birthday today!”

  1. Seth
    February 26th, 2008 | 9:51 am

    Happy birthday to Martha!