Long time, no post.

I have been errant in my posting and for this, I am sorry. Couple of things:

1. MacWorld: Read Rob Griffith’s take on the recent Keynote was dead-on. I was most dissappointed in the Apple TV. I’m a Mac guy with a Windows PVR that I built, and for $300, the Apple TV does not come close to the functionality I have expected.

2. Bears: Go Bears. I’ll feel better once this Sunday’s playoff game is over. Of course, I’ll be in CSO rehearsal trying to get updates on my phone between beats of rest.

3. “The Unit“: A great TV show. More people should watch it. Seriously.

4. Babies: Many prayers and thanks to those with new children. Paul and Robin, you know this shout out goes out to you.

We’ll rap later…

One Response to “Long time, no post.”

  1. January 16th, 2007 | 1:14 pm

    is “the Unit” a show about me and a penis pump?