Election 2006: It doesn’t stop at the booth

OK, I’ll keep this short.

Voting is only PART of every citizens’ responsibility in our republic. Another part, sorely ignored, is individual action. I know “individual action” sounds vague, but I would like to see the following statistic:

% of active voters who have communicated (via post, phone, or email) with their/any elected official in the past 4 years.

One of my most cherished school lessons was writing my congressman in 7th grade and his reply. (I think I wrote saying the driving age should be raised to 18. Ohhh dear…) The lesson I learned was that I have a voice. I know one letter does not make a difference on its own, but I knew I did my part.
How many voters, of either of the preodominat political philosophies, have communicated to their officials concerning specific issues? How many have written saying, “I want you to vote this way on this upcoming legislation” or, “As a representative to ALL voters in you jurisdiction (not just those voters who voted for you), I want you to know I feel this way about this issue…?”

And I am not talking a bland general communique written by a PAC or grass-roots, but an individual message, written from the unique perspective of the voter’s world view.

The old axiom for children being seen but not heard does not apply to voters. We as a citizenry do not get represented only once every two years, but everyday. Flex your pens (or keyboards or touch-tones), people, and reach your represetatives.

And until you do, don’t complain when things do not go your way between elections. They represent you. Tell them what to represent.

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