Deli Worth ®

So I was reflecting upon the day, when I was thinking about paying my income taxes and how much money I made between my various jobs and contracts during the past year. Then my mind wondered to my weight, which a friend complimented the evening previous that it looked like I was thinner. Then it came to me: Deli Worth.

Annual earnings / weight

The weigh I see it (yes, that was a homonym), if I lose a little more weight, I’m worth more since there is less of me (supply and demand). If I make more money, I’m worth more because of my abilities. If I do BOTH, yahtzee: I kill two birds with one stone. It’s a simple motivator to be enterprising and eat a little less here and there.

Of course, this can translate to any country’s localization. Feel free to convert your worth to any country, if it helps you get started. Some exchange rates are better than others.

What’s your Deli Worth®?

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