икона за подаръкПодарък иконаSorry, all, the radio station has decided to record tonight’s performance for a later broadcast date. I’ll keep you informed and thanks for all the support!

Here is “The Leader”

Hey, want to here me sing some 20th century music?!

Tune into WFMT (98.7FM) tomorrow night (7/22) at 7:30p CDT to hear me sing LIVE from the Goodman Theater a recent work by Gustavo Leonore called “The Leader”, based on a Eugène Ionesco play of the same name. I’ll be playing the main role, “The Announcer”.

It is a part of the Goodman Theater’s Latino Theater Festival, a venue which is know to many for their staged performances, but quite unknown to us musicians. There are three performances in the broadcast, ours is the middle performance after a brief monologue and it should run about 25 minutes, so don’t worry, if you don’t like it, it will finish quickly. 😉