UPDATE: Fire at IWU fraternity started between basement, first floor

The sad thing is that I lived there when we had the kitchen remodeled with new appliances and had the drop ceiling removed. Will I be held liable?

Pantagraph.com | News | Fire at IWU fraternity started between basement, first floor: “”

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Forgive yourself

A lot of blogs have referenced this post from 43Folders about forgiving oneself, but I thought I would chime in as well.

As the new year has come more into focus (especially after MY focus returned about 48 hours after the Miami wedding), I’ve decided to try to forgive my bad habits and move forward with better habits. Music, exercise, and especially daily productivity are my main areas of focus and subjects I’ll be commenting on in the coming weeks. Whenever I have failed at these before, it took way to long for me to sulk and sit around waiting for the right day to start again. If I can start in the cold, dark days of winter, maybe I’ll have a good chance of sticking to actually living my life with my expected results.

Between some journaling and daily consistency reminders, we’ll see where I end up in the first quarter of the year.

1% genius, 99% patience-Computerworld

I would have lost it.

1% genius, 99% patience-Computerworld: “”

The roof is on fire…

This past weekend, the Phi Mu Alpha house of my dear alma mater had a tragic, disruptive fire. Photos of the devastation show there is a long road ahead to recovery.

I have great memories of the house. Once, while leaving Coltrane on the CD player and spending the night alone, I thought the husky refrain of his “Love Supreme” was some sort of apparition. Martha and I started our eventual “Love Connection” as well, as seeing her in a sailor outfit during a Halloween party was all it took to get me hooked. I twisted my ankle there in a graphic fashion and lost many hours to Goldeneye as well.

I can’t offer much money, but at this time, my calls to anyone down there to offer a day of labor have gone unheard. If I can organize a trip and anyone reading is interested in helping to clean up, drop me a line.

RESOLUTION: Minimum 1 post per week

I resolve to post to this blog at least once a week. It’s pathetic that I have enough hot air to fill a room, yet no discipline to fill said room. Even a small room. Or a small virtual room that doesn’t exist.

No more! Armed with MarsEdit, my MacBook Pro, and CSSEdit (to make stuff look prettier) I am moving forward! Huzzah!

Liederkranz Club: After hours

I haven’t been there for awhile, but CVH rekindled my memory.