Little Britain: Season 1

It’s brilliant.  A little coarse at times, but Season 1 is brilliant.  I thought Season 2 was a little disappointing (more crude and less clever.)  Rent Season 1 and watch the season during your lunch breaks.

The fact that only two actors, Matt Lucas and David Walliams (not Williams), play 90% of the characters is incredible.  It took me about  2 or 3 episodes to confrim that I kept seeing the same two guys over and over.  My favorite characters:

  • Andy Pipkin (Martha thinks is just so charming when I imitate his voice) and his buddy Lou Todd.  Their interaction is so innocent and even though Andy has huge detailed reasons for not liking something, he rarely says more that 2 words.
  • Emily Howard is great because he is not a modern transvestite, but a turn of the century "lady".
  • Dennis Watermann.  "So they want me to star in it, write the feem toon, sing the feem toon..." Period.
  • Kenny Craig is interesting because he follows the Lincoln axium ,"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

Rent it, watch it, laugh.

Hey, brother, can you spare a dime?

From this article:

Murray pointed to “The Challenge of Global Warming: Economic Models and Environmental Policy,” a study done by Yale University economist William Nordhaus.

It estimated “how much global warming will cost the world if unchecked, assuming that the U.N. IPCC that he shared the prize with are completely correct in all their assumptions,” said Murray.

If the world’s temperature were to rise by three degrees, “that would cause $22 trillion in damages,” Murray said. “However, Gore’s policies will reduce that damage from warming to $10 trillion, but at a cost of $34 trillion.

“So Gore’s policies will cost the world $44 trillion, twice the cost of unchecked global warming,” he added. “If global warming is going to cause disruption and conflict, what will Gore’s policies do when they’re twice as damaging?”

Ouch. I have a hard time with my checkbook, not to mention Mother Earth’s.

Paul Anthony is here!

Paul Anthony was born on October 9 at 12:13pm. He is 6 lbs., 3oz. and 18 inches long. Paul and Mom are both healthy and happy. We are all at home, and Mom is recovering wonderfully.

Paul AnthonyPaul and Mom

More photos can be found here.

ATTENTION: This is what a $180K Yale tuition buys you.

I am so disgusted at the article written by the unfortunate victim of a slash-and-dash attack in New Haven, Connecticut, home to Yale University . To gain proper context, read this article about the attack. Now, read the victim's opinion piece regarding the attack.

I will start from the top, dissect his opinion, then summarize. Here we go: