Coming to computer near you?

If you haven’t heard about this, then give this a watch. It Popular Mechanic’s review of the new Microsoft technology called surface. I am really surprised to see this type of innovation out of Microsoft, AND the system doesn’t blue screen even ONCE during the review. Who would’ve thought?

Get to know Dave Allen

When I was a kid, on Sunday nights, the local PBS station would play various BBC comedies: Benny Hill, Monty Python, etc. The one show, though, that I remember fondly, even from childhood, was “Dave Allen At Large.” Even though the comedy was a little blue at times, he had a remarkable way of telling a joke or a funny story.

Read more about him at Wikipedia and enjoy this clip. He alway did his jokes from a tall chair, a stylish 70s hair style, a lit cigarette, and a glass of scotch. It is a quintessential Dave Allen story: