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Noodles Etc.: We have a problem

In Hyde Park, on 57th St., is a nice little noodle restaurant called Noodles Etc. I don’t eat there often, but every other month, I like to stop in and grab some Japanese udon noodles or a Thai dish. One problem: they have a $10 minimum purchase if you use your Visa or MasterCard. This is a problem because it violates both VISA and MasterCard’s merchant agreements. Bottom line is that they cannot do this. I would like to thank The Consumerist article that helped me find this info.

If you live in Hyde Park and frequent Noodles Etc., please stress that they should change their policy. You can file report to MasterCard concerning any violations of this nature here.

I decided to write to the owner/manager of Noodles Etc., Pattie Kidwell. Below is our email conversation.


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