Stay Sharp! Nourish Your FileMaker Pro Skills with the Right Development Diet

Stay Sharp! Nourish Your FileMaker Pro Skills with the Right Development Diet

A little specific regarding FileMaker, but overall a concise, quick read about the big picture and when to either repaint it or just hang it in a new frame. Maybe I’ll need to know this someday…

Your help desk career: Dead end or launching pad?

Your help desk career: Dead end or launching pad?:

I cannot agree enough with this article. I reflect on my help desk career and recognize that the skills and paychecks I acquired were useful to me. It was the right tool at the right time. However, it is true no one should stay in a help desk job OR long-term help desk management either. They outline the main points, but let me add the following:


Movin’ on up…and out, of the basement.

Today, I officially turned in my resignation letter to the University of Chicago. My last day will be June 11th. I won’t miss the basement office, but I will miss my colleagues and the campus. I will share later where I am headed, but I am really excited and looking forward to this new blessing. We are not moving, but my commute will take me downtown, so there will be even more reason to get together when friends visit the city.

Proper IT help desk etiquette

Since I have been involved with computer support for over 6 years at different stages of my life, I think I have finally put together a good list of things users should NOT do when their local IT guy visits. I know more will come as time goes on, or maybe I’ll get another job and won’t have to expand this list. Anyways, if you are an IT person, feel free to add your unacceptable behaviors in the comments.

When spellcheck goes wrong

While typing a quick email to an administrative assistant today, I used a familiar sign-off, “Thanks again.” However, I typed “Thanks agina.”

Spellcheck kicked in with a helpful suggestion referring to a lady’s bajingo.

Can you imagine if I sent off an email to a woman with the closer, “Thanks vagina” on a college campus?

I saw my whole career flash before my eyes. I mean, I’ve been accused of being a sexist-pig, but that’s expected when you use the title “Mr. Computer Guy” when subscribing to a trade magazine.

Web-based email

Look, I love the fact that I can check email from any browser in the world. But when faced with the choice between an email client AT MY DESK and a web-based email browser, I will take the client EVERYDAY of the week and TWICE on Sunday.

I never understand why users get all nervous and uneasy with a client. I mean, I guess the slow, link-based navigation system is just too attractive to leave. Apparently, the lack of features like easy rule creation, automatic email address retention, and drag-and-drop interface makes a web-based system a lot like a bicycle with a rusty chain:

It does the job, so I don’t care that it squeaks.  But DON’T YOU DARE apply oil!
Ohhh dear.