These come in three’s!

And finally, one more. Can’t wait until MacHeist!


Here’s another good app bundle package. I love that these are taking off!

MacUpdate Promo – Big discounts on Mac software every day.:

MacSanta: Great Deals On Hundreds Of Mac Products

If you need some Mac shareware, this is a pretty good place to start. A lot of these would make great gifts!

MacSanta: Great Deals On Hundreds Of Mac Products:

Trying out MacJournal…

Here we go:

Trying out MacJournal. Now time for a gratuitous photo of the gang: (There should be a photo below)

The gang!

I keep losing this

From MacWorld, March 2006:

“To calculate the maximum resolution for a movie your iPod can play, follow this formula: (pixel height divided by 16) multiplied by (pixel width divided by 16). If the result is less than 300 for an H.264 movie or less than 900 for an MPEG-4 movie, you’re in business.”

H.264: (h/16)(w/16)<300 MPEG4: (h/16)(w/16)<900 Now I'll always know where it is.

It case your wondering…

You CANNOT FireWire Target Mode to a software RAID 0 (striped) array. If you “screw the pooch” on a system file or folder, you might as well do a “Archive and Install” install.