Met Dawn Upshaw. She’s a real peach.

Dawn-upshaw.jpgAt Ainadamar rehearsal, I (finally) met Dawn Upshaw. Being a graduate of IWU’s School of Music, she is renowned in those small halls; a legend of artistry and proof that a small school can really produce fine, world-class singers.

I won’t go on-and-on about her singing, its magnificence has been documented enough. I find in this business the real story is who the performers are as person. Are they easy with a smile? Approachable? Do they look you in the eye and at least have a polite manner? That fascinates me much more; the personal, collegial aspects of opera personalities. To bare not only your God-given talent, but also your training and experience on the stage, WHILE maintaining a grip on what it is to be a flesh and blood human off the stage is what makes a singer a real artist. Its one thing to reach star status in this business, but I think it is more important to see how people relate not only the audience, but their colleagues as well once they have landed in that very rare air. Sometimes, I think that is harder for successful singers to understand those of us on terra firma.

Sure, you have your cold-fish: friendly, but not really engaged in meeting you during production. Rarely, you have a real jackass who is clearly offended by your handshake (I won’t Mention Any cuRrent, well-Known Dramatic ELAstic Verdi bAritoNes.) But Dawn Upshaw was clearly personable and charming.

I know her brother-in-law too, so we could both commiserate.

I’ll write about a few other spectacular singers who are, more importantly, extraordinary people that I proudly call friends.

Covering “The Teacher” in Ainadamar

Just got a call to cover a small baritone role this weekend at the CSO. Last minute, but a great chance to sing with the CSO and Dawn Upshaw. They are doing Osvaldo’s Golijov’s Ainadamar, about the life of Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Small chance of going on this weekend, but I will keep you posted.

Liederkranz Club: After hours

I haven’t been there for awhile, but CVH rekindled my memory.

I’m regular!

Details to follow

Du gibst mir einen Job nicht?

I got closer to having a spot in the Lyric Opera of Chicago chorus this audition season, but did not make the cut. I had a callback audition with the head honchos, so that was an improvement, but just not my turn…yet.

If I did get a spot, it would have been a huge shift for me and the family: less income, more hours. And honestly, we are not ready for that. But it was still great to audition and get a little closer to that elusive contract.

By the way, I sang Di Provenza il mar.

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