икона за подаръкПодарък иконаSorry, all, the radio station has decided to record tonight’s performance for a later broadcast date. I’ll keep you informed and thanks for all the support!

Here is “The Leader”

Hey, want to here me sing some 20th century music?!

Tune into WFMT (98.7FM) tomorrow night (7/22) at 7:30p CDT to hear me sing LIVE from the Goodman Theater a recent work by Gustavo Leonore called “The Leader”, based on a Eugène Ionesco play of the same name. I’ll be playing the main role, “The Announcer”.

It is a part of the Goodman Theater’s Latino Theater Festival, a venue which is know to many for their staged performances, but quite unknown to us musicians. There are three performances in the broadcast, ours is the middle performance after a brief monologue and it should run about 25 minutes, so don’t worry, if you don’t like it, it will finish quickly. 😉

A well-supported, “behind the teeth” shout out

Here’s to my buddy, Christian Van Horn, in Chicago for the Lyric’s Pearl Fishers this month. His blog is called, “CVH On the road”. He mentioned recently he had to be dressed and ready for rehearsal by 10:30a. I post this for your listening pleasure. Shine on you crazy bass-bartione diamond:

IVES: Vol. 2

IVES, C.: Songs, Vol. 2

Four songs this time, including my favorite, “The Greatest Man.” Available from Amazon on July 29th, downloadable now from classicsonline

Collect all six!

I know, you’re thinking, “Charles Ives isn’t popular anymore.” No, you won’t see him on TMZ flashing paparazzi, but if he did have an altercation with reporters, it would be with a rolled up insurance policy up against their heads, delivered with a good side helping of New England self-righteousness.

CSO solo: one week later

Well, my CSO solos last week went great. I know, it all the way back to last Saturday night but I’ve been floating on it all week.

The first solo from the Fry piece “To Dream Again” felt great and got me comfortable on the stage. The Vaugh WIilliams “Serenade to Music” was definately the ultimate momet. I sang R.H.’s line:

“…nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds…”

Both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times gave high marks for the whole evening. It was an honor to preform with the CSO in front of our generous audience, but performing in front of the colleagues I respect was most gratifying.

On to recital repertoire and Mahler 8!

Chicago Tonight: CSC 50th Anniversary segment

This was on a couple of days ago. A great group of great people. Too bad the show happens only once and has been sold out for months.

On stage at the CSO

This afternoon was the orchestra rehearsal for this weekend’s tribute concert. To sing on that stage and hear my own voice fill the hall, even if only briefly, is an awe inspiring thing. I know many of my friends have and will sing on that stage in the future, and sing in many stages like it around the world, but just to have a taste is a filling meal for me.

Then, to top it off, we stand behind the brass for Verdi’s Te Deum (the last of the “Four Scared Pieces”) and Bruckner’s Psalm 150. So, the frustrated trombonist in me gets to stand four feet from arguably the best tuba, bass trombone, and trumpet player in the world (not to forget the entire section as a whole as well.)

Visited Frank Lopardo. Still a class act.


My friend’s dear parents, the Tisocco’s, invited me to the Lyric Opera’s Eugene Onegin last night. Great cast, great show. Hvorostovsky, Lopardo, Kuznetsova, the evening was a real delight. And the chorus was tops as well. Anyways, I dropped off a quick note to ask Frank to add me to the backstage list, and sure enough, he did. With my name tag stuck onto my coat, I marched to his dressing room and he greeted me with a warm hug and smile. We walked and talked briefly on the way out, and he was not at a loss for questions: “How’s the babies? How’s Martha doing? What are you up to, what are you working on?” I mean, the guy is in the middle of the Onegin run, he’s tired (from a truly remarkably artistic performance), heading out for a drink with colleagues, and he remembers he last saw my family about 18 months earlier and my lovely wife’s name.

I have two definitive stories about Frank Lopardo.

It all started with a lunch at the cantina in the Santa Fe Opera campus in the summer of 2001.

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UPDATE: 2009 Cav/Pag

The contract is for the off-stage chorus. That’s right, OFF-STAGE.

Damn unbelievable.

The tights go back into storage. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m taking the contract and the cash will be very nice. But you can’t put a price on disappointment (at least not a AGMA collective bargaining price.)

It feels like I went on-stage to accept an award and before they handed me the trophy, they whacked me in the nuts with the marble base first, THEN handed it over.

Well there’s always next year…wait, the show is next year. Damn. There’ always 2009-2010, right? (Ah, screw it…)

Cav/Pag 2009: Lyric Opera Chorus

Well, step 2 is complete. I am very happy to announce that I have been contracted for the chorus of the Lyric’s 2008 Cav/Pag production. If you know me well, you understand what a huge deal this is for me.

If you don’t know me, I’l explain.

When I left Yale, I had nothing waiting for me in Chicago. No leads. No contacts. I took the first job offered and I hung (and still hang) my hat in a basement. I auditioned for Chicago Opera Theatre out east and no one was interested. I auditioned annually for Palumbo at Lyric to no avail. I couldn’t afford lessons and coachings were spotty and expensive. No one called from my past with any work. I had my voice, my experience, and a resume.

WIth nothing to lose, I let go and drove on a rainy cold night downtown to audition for the Chicago Symphony Chorus in April of 2006. Bill Chin heard my audition and must have sent my name up. I was called back the next month and auditioned for Duaine Wolfe and Don Horisburger. I sang…take a guess?… Tanzlied. A few weeks later, Mark Rulison called me to confirm I had been asked to join the CSC for the Ravinia season. By the time the fall came around, I was contracted as an Associate Member. I missed only one rehearsal the entire 06-07 season. I auditioned for Lyric and made a call back, but two others were moved up the ladder. It was a good sign, though.

In this past season, I have been promoted to temporary regular status at the CSC, offered solo lines and small chorus assignments, and even covered a small role. The Lyric audition this year with Maestro Nelly seemed different. He recognized me from callbacks. He inquired about my past performances and listened to both of my arias. And now, about a month later, I finally get confirmation that things are paying off.

My wife and sons depend on me. I depend on them. I need to work regularly to provide. My days of doing audition after audition, chasing gig after gig, and always reaching beyond he horizon for the next thing are behind me. As I’ve said, I just want to sing full time and provide for myself and family with my talents. I might know about a lot of different things, but singing is what I do best.

(Rambling…I do tend to ramble on pretty well also.)

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