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I give to the world, because the world gives to me.

(I would like to thank my colleague Joe Smith for the extra bottle cage.)

He’s a BRick-house.

This morning’s bike and run. The pace was met, 17 mph avg. on the bike and a tad over 9 min/mile run, but I ran the whole 5K.

I never realized it was the Commodores that funked that groove out. Yes, with Lionel Richie at the helm.

Say you?
Say me.
Say it together, naturally.

Command a Room Like a Man | The Art of Manliness

This is a good read, and its good to see this summarized.

Command a Room Like a Man | The Art of Manliness: “”

Deli Worth ®

So I was reflecting upon the day, when I was thinking about paying my income taxes and how much money I made between my various jobs and contracts during the past year. Then my mind wondered to my weight, which a friend complimented the evening previous that it looked like I was thinner. Then it came to me: Deli Worth.

Annual earnings / weight

The weigh I see it (yes, that was a homonym), if I lose a little more weight, I’m worth more since there is less of me (supply and demand). If I make more money, I’m worth more because of my abilities. If I do BOTH, yahtzee: I kill two birds with one stone. It’s a simple motivator to be enterprising and eat a little less here and there.

Of course, this can translate to any country’s localization. Feel free to convert your worth to any country, if it helps you get started. Some exchange rates are better than others.

What’s your Deli Worth®?

Selling a bike.

Selling this bike. Interested?”

chicago craigslist | posting > bicycles

Support the past!

I wanted to highlight to my 5 readers the new website Old Timey News. It’s a historical podcast using real news from 100 years ago. You can subscribe via the iTunes Store (search for “Old Timey News”) or via feedburner As the Announcer says, HUZZAH!

YouTube – Banned Porky Pig Blooper

I think you will catch you off guard sufficiently for the day:

YouTube – Banned Porky Pig Blooper: “”

Fun with Jars

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – Quick, easy, temporary, and beautiful LED garden lights: “”

(Via Evil Mad Scientist.)

Now I need to find the butcher and candlestick maker.

компютриStolen ‘Baker Man’ returns, unharmed

Thanks to Google Alerts, I now know I must vacation in Bristol, RI, sometime soon. Can you believe his wife’s name is Mrs. Cavalieri, just like mine??!!

My Favorite Word

Peter was tooling around the site the other day and found the following video. It’s hilarious, hysterical, uproarious, riotous, rollicking, farcical, rib-tickling, humorous, comic, amusing, entertaining jocular, jovial, and laughable. Why?

1. Obviously a Gilbert & Sullivan farce, done in a very fine manner.
2. Popsicle stick puppets are funny.
3. The off-key high note at the end is high-comedy.
4. Nothing beats the grunge-riff on the word “fungus”.

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