икона за подаръкПодарък иконаSorry, all, the radio station has decided to record tonight’s performance for a later broadcast date. I’ll keep you informed and thanks for all the support!

Here is “The Leader”

Hey, want to here me sing some 20th century music?!

Tune into WFMT (98.7FM) tomorrow night (7/22) at 7:30p CDT to hear me sing LIVE from the Goodman Theater a recent work by Gustavo Leonore called “The Leader”, based on a Eugène Ionesco play of the same name. I’ll be playing the main role, “The Announcer”.

It is a part of the Goodman Theater’s Latino Theater Festival, a venue which is know to many for their staged performances, but quite unknown to us musicians. There are three performances in the broadcast, ours is the middle performance after a brief monologue and it should run about 25 minutes, so don’t worry, if you don’t like it, it will finish quickly. 😉

Moses Newman

матрациMy second attempt at a Randy Newman parody of biblical proportions (with thanks to Paul and Storm, of course.)

Moses Newman (click to play…)

Yes, front page on!

I give to the world, because the world gives to me.

(I would like to thank my colleague Joe Smith for the extra bottle cage.)

He’s a BRick-house.

This morning’s bike and run. The pace was met, 17 mph avg. on the bike and a tad over 9 min/mile run, but I ran the whole 5K.

I never realized it was the Commodores that funked that groove out. Yes, with Lionel Richie at the helm.

Say you?
Say me.
Say it together, naturally.

Command a Room Like a Man | The Art of Manliness

This is a good read, and its good to see this summarized.

Command a Room Like a Man | The Art of Manliness: “”

Naperville Tri and 100 Breaths

So today was a big BRick session for me: 15 mi. bike with a 2+ mi. run, resting for 3 min. between. Here’s the stats and maps for the bike and the run.

Two milestones were reached today. First, I broke 17 mph avg. speed for the bike and second, I kept my average mile/min time on the run under 9 min. (8:56). The triathlon is a sprint, so the distances are shorter than normal. However, the bike is 13+ mi. and the run is a 5K. I’m hoping the fact I biked 15 mi. will makeup for the fact I ran 1 mi. short of 5K. My heart won’t know the difference, right?

As for 100 breaths, I’ve had a little trouble lately keeping my restless head from sleeping at night, so I starting taking 100 breaths and counting backward with each breath. Sometimes, I’m done by the 30’s, other times, I’m getting closer but need another 100. To me (and I imagine others), the tough part of the run is the brain going stale. Using 100 breaths, I’ve found it keeps my pace in check, gives me an easy focus, and allows me to track some progress. Something like,

“Hey, in 100 breaths, I’ve jumped over 2 piles of dog poop, nearly sprained my ankle, and got the evil eye at intersections thrice. What is in store for another 100?”

Deli Worth ®

So I was reflecting upon the day, when I was thinking about paying my income taxes and how much money I made between my various jobs and contracts during the past year. Then my mind wondered to my weight, which a friend complimented the evening previous that it looked like I was thinner. Then it came to me: Deli Worth.

Annual earnings / weight

The weigh I see it (yes, that was a homonym), if I lose a little more weight, I’m worth more since there is less of me (supply and demand). If I make more money, I’m worth more because of my abilities. If I do BOTH, yahtzee: I kill two birds with one stone. It’s a simple motivator to be enterprising and eat a little less here and there.

Of course, this can translate to any country’s localization. Feel free to convert your worth to any country, if it helps you get started. Some exchange rates are better than others.

What’s your Deli Worth®?

Selling a bike.

Selling this bike. Interested?”

chicago craigslist | posting > bicycles

Noah Newman

Paul and Storm created the “25 Days of Newman” last December. In their words:

“Because it’s the season of giving, and in honor of one of our mostest favoritest songwriters, we’re pleased to be offering a brand new Randy Newman-inspired movie theme song every day until Christmas!

An exercise in musical haiku.”

My humble homage to this process, but instead with a Biblical flavor.

Noah Newman

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